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How to Throw a Right Cross & a Right Straight in Boxing

Learn how to throw a right cross and a right straight from boxing coach Adam Colberg in this Howcast video.


Angelo Dundee told me before he passed, "Adam, whenever you want to throw a right hand, throw it with the left shoulder." At first it wasn't clear, and then when I began to think about it, it made perfect sense. All right? When Terry assumes his fighting stance, versus muscle in a shot with your right shoulder, snap back the left shoulder and let your right hand go.

If it's a straight right, that's all you need to do. Pull the back shoulder back about half way, and stay loose, and your right hand rips forward. When you throw the right cross, pull back the left shoulder and turn the right hand over. And he's going to show us this with a little bit of pivot. One more time, in slow motion, Terry.

Beautiful; now let it rip. The right hand turns over, and if you want to exaggerate that even more so to reach your opponent, a little bit more turn, T. Perfect. That's a right cross. The key difference between the straight right and the right cross is this. The straight right provides you a perfect punch for an opponent that isn't too far away. A right cross provides more length, so you could reach your target. If done right, the two punches work very well. You can pack lots of power in both punches, especially in the right cross.

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