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How to Throw an Uppercut in Boxing

Learn how to throw an uppercut from boxing coach Adam Colberg in this Howcast video.


When in a fight, if the chin is there, take it out. We're going to work the right uppercut. The right uppercut, if you show us the stance, Terry, execute the right uppercut at will. You notice Terry moves his hip over, and if he wants more power he's going to turn over the back foot. And if he executes with the punch, he wants to drive his hand up through the chin. If he goes up through the chin and you lift this sweet spot, lights out. With the right uppercut, I avoid going to the body unless it's right there. If it's there, take the body shot. If not, and he has to reach for my body, it's a bad idea because he'll get caught with a punch upstairs. So don't reach for the body. If it's there, take it. If not, works some different shots.

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