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How to Throw a One-Two Punch in Boxing

Learn how to throw a one-two punch from boxing coach Adam Colberg in this Howcast video.


When I'm in New York I hold mitts for New York's boxing pro boxing sensation Delen Parsley and he's going to show us today how to through a one-two punch. First he's going to stand in a stance facing this way. Throw them a one-two with no stick D. One-two good. A jab and a straight right. Nice, now he's going to go jab, right cross. Pulls a little bit more shoulder back for the right cross. So notice the one-two jab straight right is a little bit shorter than the one-two jab right cross. One more time. One-two jab straight right. One-two jab right cross. Perfect, now we'll show you how that looks on the mitts. One-two, good. One-two. His opponents right there so there's no need to throw the right cross. Yet if I'm back a little bit further, jab right cross. And it gets a little bit more power with the right hand. So we're going to move with the jab and I'm going to link the jab with the one-two. It looks like this, jab jab, one-two. Shuffle out, jab jab, jab jab, jab jab, one-two, jab jab, one-two, jab jab. That's how it's done.

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