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How to Build an Advanced Boxing Combination

Learn how to build an advanced boxing combination from boxing coach Adam Colberg in this Howcast video.


I'm going to let you, the viewer, take a step into our world, so we can show you how we build an advanced boxing combination. All right.

First, we're going to start with a one, two. Then he's going to pull, then he's going to send a right hand, left hook, right hand. Liver shot. Hook to the head, step out; one, two. And then the jab comes in two's, all the time. All right, one more time; one two. Pull. Jab, jab. Good. You notice I'll switch targets. I'll switch targets, so he can execute my jab, just like so. So, he'll hit some here. He'll hit some here.

I may throw something to his head. He will react. He'll work his reactionary defense. He'll make space, step back, three. Then we go back to it, one, two, pull; beautiful. Back three, jab, jab. Back to the combination, one, two; one, two; jab, jab. Back three. Four; jab, jab; one, two.

And that's a perfect example that Delen showed us, of training for an advanced boxing combination.

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