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How to Catch from the Head & Counter in Boxing

Learn how to catch from the head and counter from boxing professional Adam Colberg in this Howcast boxing lessons video.


First, we caught to the body. Now we're going to catch from the head. This is how we do that.

He's going to catch this side, and this side. You notice when he catches these shots, if it's a real heavy shot, he may have to raise his arm a little bit more, but that elbow never comes above your chin level. So, if it's a real heavy shot, he'll bring that up just like so. If I go over hand right, he just brings that a little higher, all right? So, he's going to catch here, and then he's going to add a two on that.

Again, catch, two. Work the other side. Catch; beautiful. Again, catch, now the two. Catch, two. Now, he's going to add a one two on that. One, two; catch, two. You notice, I go to this side because when he extends that right hand, I see that this side is vulnerable but not on Delen Parsley.

One, two; catch, two. One, two; catch, two. Let's work the other side. We have to add one more punch. Three, two; three; that's it. Three; one more time, reach with that arm. Three; beautiful.

Stay tuned, because now we're going to put those catches, body and head, together.

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