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Boxing Defense Techniques

Learn boxing defense techniques from boxing coach Adam Colberg in this Howcast video.


Defensive techniques for advanced boxing is what we're going to work on now. Why I don't like showing just a defensive technique with out a counter is because you make a groove. If you learn how to defend and you don't learn how to counter, right off the bat, it ingrains the wrong muscle memory. We're going to do something, and this is a tribute to Floyd Mayweather, because we love you. All right. You're a great fighter.

We're going to show them the shoulder roll. He's going to touch here with the shoulder, rip and upper cut, snap back the chin, and then come with three. Touch, again. Again. Let's show them how that looks now, jab jab. Integrating all my shots, one, two. Count, three. Jab, jab. We're going to work an evasive technique where I'm pushing up on Delen, Delen is going to take me, spin me out, work a right hand and a left hook. He's in the clench here. He's going to take my neck, grab the back of my neck, spin me around, pivot, right hand, left hook. Again.

We're in a clench. This is a defensive move. He's going to spin my neck around, and the body follows the head. So, we're clenched up right here. He's going to take me, spin me, pivot, and come back. One, two, jab, jab. The shoulder bump, execution, boom, ba, ba, ba, jab, jab.

Let's just say we were in a clench, jab jab. Good, one more time. Let's just say we were in a clench here. Nice, jab, jab. So those two techniques I showed you there, one was for in a tall defensive move where he catches the punch on his shoulder, and then he counters with the upper cut and then the right hand left hook, right hand. And the second shot was a defensive move on up and close clench contact where you take the back of the hand, on your opponent's neck, and turn their head. Turn their head. Turn their head out and counter with a right hand left hook punch.

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