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How to Touch Parry & Counter Punch in Boxing

Learn how to touch parry and counter punch from boxing coach Adam Colberg in this Howcast video.


This is the last defense counter technique in this series for Howcast It's touch, counter-punch, or you can call it a parry, whatever you choose to. Works like this. He's going to throw his one, two on this mitt. He's going to touch there and crack away with the step. Now if I make an aggressive move towards him, in this case Dylan's not even going to move his feet. Watch how this is done. Jab, jab. Now we integrate the jab again. Jab, jab. Touch one, two. Jab, jab. Back. Upper cut. Slip out. One, two. Touch, one, two Jab, jab. Beautiful. That's it.

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