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How to Find Angles in Boxing

Learn how to find angles from boxing coach Adam Colberg in this Howcast video.


Dylan and I are going to give you two great examples of how to find angles. One on the left, and one on the right. The first one; we're going to throw three shots down the pipe, then he's going to step left, he's going to rip the liver shot. Then he's going to spin. Then he's going to come with the right hand, left hook, right hand. Even on that jab, he's moving off on an angle which throws the eye off and enables him to come straight down the lines with his jab right hand. Okay? So in a sense, that's an angle too. You have the eyes drift one way and then you come straight down the pipe.

Let's work that left angle one more time. One, two, three, step, rip the kidney shot, spin, right hand, left hook, right hand, jab, jab. Perfect. Now, we're going to work the second angle. He's going to throw, one, two. He's going to roll and pivot a little bit, and come with the hook punch, right again. Let's do that one again. All right. We're going to come one, two, roll, hook, right hand, jab, jab. Good. One more time. One, two roll, throw three shots, jab, jab. Do that one more time with three shots, like that. That's the way I like it. One, two, roll, hook right, hook. And watch how his body pivots just a tad to make that angle. One, two, roll, hook, right, hook.

And what I like about that left hand coming first versus the right hand is this hand's stealth. I don't see it. It's so close to me I won't be able to react. I expect the right hand to come. Roll. He takes the angle, he rolls, he doesn't throw the right hand, he whacks me with the left hook first, then throws the right hand, then comes back with another left hook. One more time. Watch that angle. One, two, roll, left hook, right hand, left hook. Then jab, jab. Drift with the jab. Jab, jab. Down the pipe. Four! Jab, jab. So the jabs coming off to angles to the left and right also serve to confuse your opponent as far as the visual perspective they have of where you're going. And then you come straight down the middle. That's how you score big points.

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