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4 Best Boxing Tips

Learn the four best boxing tips from boxing coach Adam Colberg in this Howcast video.


I've got four best boxing tips. Number one. Have a great understanding of space. It's an intricate part of knowing where to be at the right time to place your attacks, defend, counter. Understanding space is the essence of good boxing movement.

Number two. Lateral movement. Lateral movement is key to be elusive. Without lateral movement, you're going to be a punching bag, you're going to get hit. And the idea of being a smart fighter is not to get hit. Brains win fights. So, lateral movement is key to being an effective fighter.

Number three. Self-efficacy. Believing in yourself, believing that you have the tools that can win your fight so you're victorious. If you don't believe in yourself, then there's no way you'll come out on top. Believe in the skills that you've learned and acquired, that you've made all those grooves with. Believing in yourself and self-efficacy ties in directly with being successful as a great mover.

Number four. Practice makes perfect. So, practice all your techniques so you make the proper grooves and you can get your techniques off effectively and you can train with proper form, you can counter, you can execute footwork with perfect muscle memory. If you practice with that, then your boxing's going to look top notch. Those four tips are the key to success.

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