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Dishonored Low Chaos Walkthrough Part 12 - Chapter 2

Check out part 12 and finish Dishonored with a low chaos rating in this walkthrough of Arkane Studios' first-person stealth action title.


Thug 1: Word is, he's like a phantom, with an army of shadows in front of him.

Thug 2: That guy Daud? Ain't he just a boss, like Slackjaw?

Thug 1: No, no. This one is an odd bird. Consorts with crazies, does rituals and the like. Bone charms and such.

Thug 2: You sound afraid.

Thug 1: Damn right, I am. Daud ain't no ordinary man. Touched by the Outsider, he is, give dark powers.

Thug 3: Ratshit. You got lucky.

Thug 4: When you're this handsome, you don't need luck.

Thug 3: Face like a hagfish.

Thug 4: Pay up. Don't be sour.

Thug 3: Say, when's Slackjaw coming down?

Thug 4: Not till the next batch of Elixir's done. He'll want to check on things.

Thug 3: Then you better get all your shit together, huh?

Thug 4: Everything's fine. I run the still like I run a game of Nancy.

Thug 3: Yeah.

Thug 4: Not fast enough. Little bastard!

Thug 5: he goes, not to the Abbey or the Office of the High Overseer, but one of the other places. Where they train the Overseers to be real religious.

Thug 6: Crazy.

Thug 5: he just wants to know where his brother has gone. He sneaks in. You know Eddie, brilliant at it when he's sober.

Thug 6: I remember. Brimsley job, hid in the dumbwaiter all night.

Thug 5: Yeah. So he goes from room to room. Kids sleeping. An Overseer giving a lecture to the kids. Couple guys training with those hounds.

Thug 6: Stuff you'd expect.

Thug 5: But it gets weird. Some kind of machinery. Then a woman laughing, just laughing and laughing. Then music, a kind of plinky planky sound. That's what spooked him.

Thug 6: You sure he wasn't drunk?

Thug 5: Says he still hears it at night. He never did find his brother.

Thug 7: Let me see what's going on over here.

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