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Dishonored Low Chaos Walkthrough Part 13 - Chapter 2

Check out part 13 and finish Dishonored with a low chaos rating in this walkthrough of Arkane Studios' first-person stealth action title.


Male: Definitely something about.

Male 2: Huh? Is that? What? Huh?

Male: Keep an eye out. We've got company. There's definitely somebody about.

Male 3: What?

Male 4: Huh?

Male 3: What?

Male 4: Huh?

Male 5: Keep your eyes out. We've got company.

Male 3: What?

Male: There's definitely somebody about. Watch it.

Jasper: Hello, Martin. I hear the second day is when the skin really starts to come off. Is that true? Or is it the itching that really gets you? Or the rats?

Martin: Jasper, isn't it? It's not so bad in here. Except I miss your wife.

Jasper: Huh. You don't scare easy, I'll give you that.

Martin: Psst, Corvo.It's me, Overseer Martin. Corvo, now I knew you'd make it. I told the Admiral you would. I knew...what a sight you are in that mask. I know who you are and what you're here to do. And I can help. Unlock me, and I'll buy you a drink in a couple of days. By the void, I'll buy you a hundred drinks. Ah, poor circulation, and I seem to have forgotten my mittens, so...I'd...

Feels good to stand up straight. Thank you, Corvo. What you're here to do tonight is of the highest importance. We've got to find Emily, so kill Campbell, and make it quick. Once it's done, search his body for the journal...his notorious black book. Then get out of there. Campbell is meeting with a guard named Curnow. And word from my informant is that Campbell is going to poison him. Maybe you can use that to your advantage.

All right, I won't be of any help here, so I'll make my own way back to The Hound Pits Pub. If I see Samuel the boatman I'll tell him to pick you up in the backyard, behind the office of the High Overseer. May all the spirits guide you, and may your enemy's head hit the floor without you taking a scratch.

Male 6: I was just reading in the archive about the Heretic's Brand. It sounds painful. Have you ever seen the ritual...

Male 7: I've never seen the Heretic's Brand used, no. It's a rare occurrence. But I did spy the face of one so branded. Not a member of our order, of course. Out on a retreat, we passed through a fishing town and saw him begging.

Male 6: What were his crimes?

Male 7: Who can say. The brand is reserved for an overseer. Or even the High Overseer himself, who violates our codes and must be cast out permanently. Remember the Seven Strictures, and you never need worry about such matters.

Male 6: I will, brother.

Male 8: Should we gather for whiskey and cigars tonight?

Male 9: Chances are very good.

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