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Dishonored Low Chaos Walkthrough Part 17 - Chapter 3

Check out part 17 and finish Dishonored with a low chaos rating in this walkthrough of Arkane Studios' first-person stealth action title.


Samuel: Admiral Havelock and Lord Pendleton are in the courtyard, I expect they'll want to congratulate you.

Callista: He's alive! Thank you, Corvo, thank you! My uncle's a good man, and one day, he'll prove it. Here, I know you did this for the right reasons, but I want you to take this as a reward. It's an old heirloom one of my aunts gave me.

Havelock: They're all corrupt. If this is going to work, we have to take down the Lord Regent and all of his key allies, you know that.

Pendelton: Yes, hopefully the High Overseer is the first step along that path.

Havelock: And we must find the... You did it! Somehow you took down the High Overseer Campbell against the odds. I knew you were our man, Corvo. With Campbell gone, we've hurt the Lord Regent immeasurably. And with Martin back, we'll have the finest strategist alive.

Pendelton: The Lord Regent must be shitting himself in Dunwall Tower.

Havelock: Yes, and Campbell's journal, let's not forget. Our hope is that, in these encoded pages, the location and condition of Emily Kaldwin can be discovered. Our entire movement will mean nothing if we can't place the rightful heir on the throne.

We must act fast. No doubt the Lord Regent is holding Emily somewhere, waiting to reveal her, to step out as the hero and further cement his regency.

Pendelton: If he doesn't bring forth the young lady forth soon, there'll be in-fighting among the nobles as to who should succeed the Empress.

Havelock: Yes, time is against us. But now you should take a well earned rest, Corvo. We will decipher the contents of the High Overseer's journal and share them with you later.

Announcer: It is every citizen's duty to report treasonous speech and actions. The state depends on you.

Havelock: Hello, Corvo. I expect that Martin will be joining us shortly. I hate to start your day with such a strange matter, but the servants heard something last night, moving through the storm drains beneath the building. Most likely a weeper, the poor bastard. There's no hope for them once the plague gets that far along. Nothing more than a shuffling corpse full of sickness and insects, if you ask me.

I'd appreciate you investigating. Just to be sure it's not a nosy guardsman that's getting too close. Here's a key to the hatches. I'd send a servant down there, but they'd die of fear on the spot, I'm afraid. Maybe Piero can concoct some sort of sleep poison for your crossbow if you want to go that route.

Corvo! I trust you remember Martin. An Overseer before and perhaps again some day soon.

Martin: I owe you thanks for my rescue.

Havelock: Indeed, you've given us a glimmer of hope, Corvo, because we've gotten what we wanted from Campbell's journal. You've done it! We know where Emily Kaldwin is being held!

Martin: The Golden Cat, of all places. A bathhouse for aristocrats. Little better than a cursed brothel.

Havelock: But there's an unfortunate twist. It appears that Pendelton's own kinsmen stand in our way. The twins Morgan and Custis. Not only are they controlling Emily, but they have the controlling parliamentary votes we so desperately need.

Martin: Yes, the Pendeltons have to die. But most importantly, Emily must be brought here safely so we can protect her until the Lord Regent and his entourage have been dealt with. Pendelton's waiting for you on the dock. He's asked to brief you personally, I think it's best.

Pendelton: Corvo, a moment if I may. Corvo, I've asked to speak to you myself. You see, I'm sending you to kill my older brothers, Morgan and Custis. They're horrible me, it's true, as you may have heard. Cruel beyond words.

Further, my Brothers are close allies to the Lord Regent, and as long as they are in Parliament, we cannot gather the votes we'll need to stop the Lord Regent from further consolidating his power. These days, they're best known for exploiting their favour with him to cheat others out of their wealth. Let's say that not every family evicted and quarantined for having the plague actually has the plague.

I warned my brothers in every way I could, I really did, but they never did listen to me. They'll be at the Golden Cat tonight, at their usual revels. They'll be protected by the City Watch, so it'll be dangerous. Now go. Please do it before I change my mind.

Samuel: I'll take you to the Golden Cat when you're ready. I've taken Lord Pendelton enough times, believe me.

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