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Dishonored Low Chaos Walkthrough Part 21 - Chapter 3

Check out part 21 and finish Dishonored with a low chaos rating in this walkthrough of Arkane Studios' first-person stealth action title.


Propaganda: Attention Dunwall citizens. This district is under a mandatory whale oil ban. Compliance will be strictly enforced.

Man 1: How come it's always me who buys...

Man 2: ...the whisky's? Shush up your mouth. You know I can't work out the right number of coins. It's embarrassing.

Slackjaw: What's this? Information from my missing guy? Let's have a listen.

Crowley: Slackjaw, it's me, Crowley. I'm making this in case I don't make it back. Flure is right. There is someone who wants you dead once they take over the distillery and the whole bottle street gang. And you'll never believe who it is either. At first I didn't. That's why it's taken me so long, I wanted to be sure. What's that? Argh, No! No! Ahhh!

Slackjaw: So Crowley's dead, too bad. He was one of my best men. Still you and me had a deal and Slackjaw never goes back on a deal. Take this key. It ain't for the Golden Cat, no. This key's for the captain's chair, a hotel abandoned since the plague got into this part of town. Take the stairs to the top. You can use the roof to get into the Golden Cat Brothel. See that? Slackjaw keeps a bargain just as good as the men who run the city. Maybe a little better. You think about that. Now maybe we can help each other out again. I could get rid of the Pendleton's for you, quiet like and without killing them, but you gotta do something for me in return. The Cat's having a big reopening tonight. A lot of money clients including an art dealer name of Bunting. He's got particular tastes or so I've been told by some of the ladies. Got some pretty fancy stuff locked away at his place and the only thing preventing me from nabbing all that loot is the combination to his safe? Of course the Pendleton's have been camped out there for months too, not sure why, so that means a lot of the city watch and other soldier types. Bring me the combination my masked friend and then I take care of the Pendleton brothers just like that. You ain't never gotta touch them and I promise, I won't kill em and no one will ever see them again. Now if that ain't a deal, Slackjaw don't know what is.

Propaganda: Attention citizens of Dunwall. The Lord Regent has ordered whale oil rationing in this area. Failure to comply will result in immediate arrest.

Man 3: Yes, but do you know how it works?

Man 4: I really couldn't say, but all the hairs on your body stand up when you walk through it. Keep your men from tampering with it.

Man 5: You filthy Mudlock. Where did a tramp like you get elixir? We've been on half rations for... I ain't catching the plague. Hand it over.

Woman: Now please! It's for my baby, he needs... I need it for my little one so he won't get sick. Thank you! Thank you, sir. You saved me. How can I thank you? I have nothing. Wait, take this. It's the backdoor service key to Buntings house, the art dealer on the main street. I used to work for him you know, before the plague. He's let all his servants go, but he's still there probably hoping he'll be able to sell something from that safe of his. I don't know what he has left, but it's all I have to offer you. Please take it. This whole place has gone to the hounds.

Propaganda: Attention Dunwall citizens. Thaddeus Campbell, formerly High Overseer is b...

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