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Dishonored Low Chaos Walkthrough Part 22 - Chapter 3

Check out part 22 and finish Dishonored with a low chaos rating in this walkthrough of Arkane Studios' first-person stealth action title.


Man: They're still just rats.

Man: Just rats? Rats that can...

Man: Even if you're right what do we do?

Man: Send a few to the [inaudible 00:01:48]. Burn the whole country.

Man: ... Now Morgan's on the first floor. I need to get the men in position.

Woman: The ivory room, all I can tell you is it's very heavily [inaudible 00:02:23] I'll leave the rest to your imagination. Custus is easier to watch. So nice he just waits.

Man: Fucking longer do I have to fucking ...

Woman: They ship them in from away villages, past their daughters and extra mouths that can't be ...

Emily: Who are you? Why are you wearing that mask? Corvo? Corvo it's you! You're wearing a mask to sneak around, aren't you? They told me you were.... head chopped off and in prison dead like mother. That seems like a long time ago. But you're not dead. Now we can leave! I have a plan! I almost got away twice. There's a special door to come and go for special people and I'll show you. And if anyone tries to stop us you can fight them. It's this way. The door is locked. Unlock it so we can get away from this place. This place is on the river. So you must have come by boat. I'll wait for you near the boats. I remember the way. Don't worry about me.

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