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Dishonored Low Chaos Walkthrough Part 29 - Chapter 4

Check out part 29 and finish Dishonored with a low chaos rating in this walkthrough of Arkane Studios' first-person stealth action title.


Thug: Eventually, sure. He's the only one can tell us about the pearls. But let him rot in a cell a while longer. He'll be more careful next time.

Guard 1: Hey, you there! Show yourself!

Officer 1: City Watch, wake up! We've got some lowlife breaking curfew!

Officer 2: I just love watching them turn and turn.

Guard 2: What, them wheels?

Officer 2: Yes. Around and around, like the cycle of life. Such a wondrous symbol of the progress we've made in industry and invention.

Guard 2: If you say so, sir.

Officer 2: And remember, guardsman, we must make sure they keep turning. It would look very bad on your record, very bad indeed, should the factory shut down on your watch.

Guard 2: Yes, sir.

Officer 2: What's going on there? Probably rats!

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