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Dishonored Low Chaos Walkthrough Part 31 - Chapter 5

Check out part 31 and finish Dishonored with a low chaos rating in this walkthrough of Arkane Studios' first-person stealth action title.


Sam: They set up a cell for Sokolov in the old kennel...shackles, and everything. You know, it'll be a shock, him waking up in the strong odor of dog poop. But from what I hear, he's woken up in worse places. Guess we all have a [00:00:25].

Havelock: Well done, Corvo. Well done. I doubt a dozen sol... Sokolov's knowledge will enable us to strike at the Lord Regent directly...and ultimately help you get your life back. Soon, we won't have to hide in shadows. The Royal Physician is brilliant. But he was a fool to protect the Lord Regent. Sokolov gave us the elixir, the War Machine. He could have made us a great nation. Now, he pays the price for siding with a tyrant. You have my thanks, sir. If you wish to get some sleep, now is a good time.

Announcer: Attention, citizens. This evening, the streets adjacent to Pendleton Manor will be...

Female: Corvo...can I tell you something? I have a secret retreat nearby that may come in handy if the City Watch ever kicks in the doors. It's an abandoned apartment across the street from the bar. I don't think anyone else here knows about it, but I'm guessing I can trust you. The key is stashed under my bunk upstairs. If there's ever trouble, you can go there for safety. I know I will.

Announcer: ...isolated areas is a serious offense, and will be summarily punished by officers of the Watch. Display your pride in Dunwall by respecting the property and rights of others in these trying times, and preserving the timeless beauty of our fair city.

Female 2: Yes, Mr. Corvo. I'll make sure your quarters are clean, sir.

Wallace: Lord Pendleton has departed for the evening to attend to matters at the Manor. It concerns the departure of his brothers. I'm sure you understand.

Announcer: Attention, Dunwall citizens. You are required to boil any water from public fountains or the river. Anyone who has consumed untreated water must be reported to the Watch.

Man: These stunning acts of destruction...

Announcer: required to speak to the City Watch, at once.

Lydia: La di da, di da, di di da di di da di da...di da da da, la di da da da...

Emily: Corvo! You were making funny faces while you were asleep. I decided to nap here in your room while Callista was taking your bath. She told me if there was ever trouble I should always run. Callista will come and get me when she's done with the bath. Thanks, Corvo. It makes me feel better.

Announcer: Attention, Dunwall citizens. The Ascendancy Circle has chosen Teague Martin to be High Overseer. Let us all praise their choice. The Dance of Investiture will take place without delay.

Lord Pendleton: I hope Sokolov will cooperate. I'd hoped to have him paint my portrait again one day. Just me this time.

Havelock: Royal Physician, I believe you and Corvo knew each other in former days. Unlike you, our friend Corvo knows what loyalty means.

Sokolov: Bah. I am loyal to my inner spirit. You are the one consorting with the most wanted man in the Empire.

Havelock: It's my belief that Corvo was innocent in the death of the Empress, and the former Spy Master, or the Lord Regent, as he calls himself, is a ruthless tyrant bent on destroying the city, the heart of the Empire.

Sokolov: You are mistaken if you think there is love between me and our Lord Regent. But whatever you intend to do here, I assure you, I am beyond petty scare tactics.

Havelock: If I don't scare you, Sokolov, perhaps these rats will. Even if they don't carry plague, I've heard of a swarm of rats stripping a child's body to the bone in half a minute. I've heard of worse. How long do you think it'll be before you talk? Before you beg to talk?

Sokolov: Rats? Is that the company you keep now, Admiral?

Havelock: It's the company you keep that interests us, Sokolov. We know you painted a portrait of the Lord Regent's mistress, the very aristocrat who was funding the military with her fortune. She is the key to the Lord Regent's control over the city, and we must have her name.

Sokolov: Sorry, Admiral. I cannot help you. You're a part of this rabble. But I know you have your reasons.

Havelock: Yes he does. All we need is the name of the Lord Regent's mistress. It's very simple.

Sokolov: I elect not to tell you. You'll have to force the words from me. And I warn you, my will power is quite legendary.

Havelock: Curious strategy.

Sokolov: Of which I approve.

Wallace: Did I faint or something?

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