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Dishonored Low Chaos Walkthrough Part 33 - Chapter 5

Check out part 33 and finish Dishonored with a low chaos rating in this walkthrough of Arkane Studios' first-person stealth action title.


Female: The doom of Pandacea has come to the city.

Lord Show: Yes? Pendleton? What's he got to say to Me? Pendleton is a gutless, lying sack of shit. I hope he's paying you well for this. It's damn cold tonight. Hurry up!

Male: I need that prize. If I could get upstairs, one of them must have left [inaudible].

Guest 1: Should we gather for whiskey and cigars tonight?

Guest 2: What most people don't remember is the rats came...

Guest 3: Chances are very good.

Male: Cunning costumes. But there must be a way to guess. They say Lydia's the sloppy one. And Waverly's a prude. Or is it the other way around. If only I could peek upstairs for clues.

Guest 4: Step back, sir. I don't believe we're acquainted.

Lady in Red: Welcome to my party. I don't believe you've had the pleasure.

Guest 5: I say nothing against...

Lady in Black: I trust you are on the guest list, sir.

Guest 6: It'll make us great...

Guest 7: Are the new applicants as we...

Guest 8: Some of us will be great.

Guest 9: No, no, no.

Male: Excuse me.

Miss White: You? A gentleman?

Ramsey: I'll have you know I'm as gentle as I need to be in any given situation, as I think I've proven.

Miss White: I told you not to bring that up!

Ramsey: There's a great deal I could offer you.

Miss White: Don't be silly. The rumors say the Boyles practically own your estate.

Ramsey: What if I said I could get you out of the city, away from all this? To [inaudible] or further.

Miss White: I don't believe you. But if you're telling the truth, we should talk further. But...

Male: Excuse me.

Miss White: You're a scandal in that mask. I like a man with poor judgment. Would you get me a drink? I'd be so grateful.

Guest 11: We found out what whales could do, and it made us an empire. This is the beginning of a golden age.

Guest 12: Did you know that they dug down and found the ruins of another city under this one?

Guest 13: Before the overseers. Before anything.

Male: Excuse me.

Miss White: Thank you so much. Now, how can I thank you? Are you playing Lady Boyle [audio skips] Well, I know for a fact that Waverly's in white tonight. Perhaps she's pretending to be a virgin. Additionally, Lydia's in black.

Lady in Black: Hello again.

Lady in White: What a deliciously sinful mask.

Guest 15: You should see this as an opportunity.

Guest 16: To what? Learn a trade? Join the City Watch?

Guest 15: Your house built it...

Lord Brisby: I know your mission tonight. We must speak, privately.

Guest 16: My buildings are full of corpses and rats. Where's the fortune there?

Guest 15: If you want to be beaten, go right ahead.

Guest 16: Hold on. I need a cigar.

Lord Brisby: I'm a friend of Pendleton's, and I've done a few favors for your cause. I know your purpose here tonight, to say this...your target is the woman I love. I swear that if you'll bring her to me, unharmed, you will never hear of her again. There's a cellar directly below the kitchen. I'll wait for you there. I'm not proud of this, but surely it's better than seeing her killed. Her name is Lydia. I won't harm her, I swear. I'm a man of means. Just bring her to the cellar, and I will keep her safe with me. Forever.

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