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How to Do the Bernie Hip-Hop Dance Move for Kids

Learn how to do the Bernie in this Howcast hip-hop dance video for kids with Jeff Cowans.


Hey, what's up. This is Jeff Cowans and I'm going to show you how do The Bernie. There was a movie a long time ago, Weekend at Bernie's. I loved it. I actually saw it in the movies, even though I was young. I liked the movie. It was good. In the movie, Bernie, this guy, he was just like this. You got to see the movie to understand why. But we're going to show you haw to do the dance called The Bernie. So basically, the arms are loose, their flowing, kind of think of your arms as lifeless. Once you see the movie, you'll understand why. Your whole body is just loose and lifeless. Basically you're just bouncing.

When you do this to music, you can dance to every single beat in the song. You can just have a good time and bounce and go crazy. So think of yourself as lifeless but still having a good time. Does that make sense to you? Make sense to you? So, you're lifeless and you're just like this but you're having a good time.

The ladies are going to be sideways, so you can see what it looks like sideways. Then, they will be forward and I'll be this way. I'll do it all ways, so you see what I mean. Your head is going to go crazy. Your body is like this and you still have a bounce because your dancing. So you don't want to look like your stiff. You're still dancing so you need a bounce to it. Lets try it out. No music, five, six, seven, eight. You're just going. There you go. That's The Bernie. Let's try it to the music. There it is. Try it, Bernie. You're lifeless. There it is. Bernie.

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