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How to Do the Shamrock Hip-Hop Dance Move for Kids

Learn how to do the shamrock in this Howcast hip-hop dance video for kids with Jeff Cowans.


Hey, what's up? I'm here and I'm getting ready to show you a dance we call
the Shamrock. This is Genesee. She's going to show you how girls do it. It's
not really much of a difference, but different dancers have different
styles and different flavor to add to it. So, I'm going to do it my way. She's
going to do it her way, but you're going to do it the way we show you how to do
it. It looks like this.

You're going to take a step with your left foot. Take a step out. You bring
your body around. Basically, your body's just doing this. Yeah. Then,
you're going to step in. When your foot touches the floor, you bounce up so it
looks like this. Then you take a step with your right foot, pivot your body
around, this is the pivot. And then, you step in. There you go. That's the
basic thing of the Shamrock.

There's a lot of places in there, doesn't seem like it, where you can add
your own little, hey, your little moment that's you. Basically, this is
what it looks like. We go step, pivot, bounce up. You go step, pivot,
bounce up. Step, pivot, bounce up. Step, pivot, bounce up. You got it? All
right. We're going to do it slow one more time for you. So, I take my left
foot and I step forward.

To pivot, I pick up my heels, so I go pivot and when I step in, right when
my foot is about to hit the floor, it bounces me up. So I go, then, I take
a step forward with the right. Pivot. Then, I take a step in and bounce up.
There you go. That's your Shamrock. Now, without the music, this is what it
looks like when you add a little bit of Genesee to it and a little bit of

You add whatever your name is and make it work. So, you go boom, ha and
step. Hey. Got it? There you go. That's your Shamrock. We're going to try it
to the music.

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