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How to Tut for Kids

Learn how to tut in this Howcast hip-hop dance video for kids with Jeff Cowans.


Hey what's up. I'm Jeff Cowans and I'm going to show you guys some really easy, basic, tutting moves. On my side I have Jared over here and I have Eric on this side. So they're going to help me out. So now you have three people to watch and that's three different tutting styles.

So we need to try this first style there and it's called Box Tut. So you make a box. Looks like a box yeah? You could flip your box. Flip your box to your box on the side. Whatever you want as long as you know that this is a Box Tut. In these tuts you have to have straight lines. So you want to have straight lines and 90 degree angles in tutting all the time. So I would suggest you first stretch. Stretch your wrist. There's a lot of different ways to stretch your wrist. I do this all the time. I stretch my wrist because you want to be able to tut and not have cups or these claws up here. You want to have clean straight lines, 90 degrees. Right? So hands down. Let's do this Box Tut again. So you have a Box Tut. Yeah, you see that, nice clean lines? There you go. You can switch it up and flip it anyway you want. That's a Box Tut.

The next one we're going to do is an Egyptian Tut. So, this also looks like a box tut, you can call it that. But it's Egyptian Tut. You see, it kind of reminds you of walk like an Egyptian? So Egyptian Tut kind of reminds you of the hieroglyphic things you saw in school, on the wall, in the books and stuff like that. So there you go, Egyptian Tut.

So we just did box. Got it? There's your box, there's your Egyptian Tut. And the next one we're going to do is a Bible Tut. This one is kind of really simple. You can call this a Bible Tut. You can call this a Bible Tut. You can call this a Bible Tut. Flip it here. Flip it here. That's a Bible Tut.

So we're going to put these all together and do a little, short, tutting demo of the three different styles. Again the three styles are Box Tut, you have Egyptian Tut, and you have Bible Tut. From those three basic tuts you can do many different styles, many different things, with just those three. But those are your three basic tuts and you work from there.

So we're going to do three basic ones and let's start out with this. You have a box here. You flip your box. Then we're going to put our hands out straight into a what? A Bible Tut. Let's flip it inside. Still have a Bible Tut. Let's take our right arm and flip it out and you still have a? Bible Tut. Now if I throw it up I have an Egyptian Tut. Got it? I turn my hands out I still have an Egyptian Tut. And I could turn it back in. So those are your three basic ones put all together. You got it.

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