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How to Do Hip-Hop Damce Moves for Kids with Jeff Cowans

Learn about dancer / choreographer Jeff Cowans, one of Howcast's hip-hop dance experts, in this video.


Hey, what's up? This is Jeff Cowans. I'm a dancer, I'm a dance teacher, I'm a choreographer and I run a dance crew, the Get 'Em Boys and the Get 'Em Girls.

So I caught this dancing bug around 2000. Been dancing way before that, just around the house, you know, having a good time. Just like you guys do before you came to HowCast to learn, I went to a dance school to learn. Caught the bug, been doing it ever since. I've danced for Kelly Rowland, toured internationally with Crystal Waters, danced with Robin S., many other artists that you know. Videos with Lil' Kim, so much different things and I love everything about it. I'm now teaching in Icon Dance Complex, which is in Jersey. You know them from MTV. I've also done commercials for MTV.

So this dance life is every day, all day for me and I love it. I love it because I get on the stage. I have a good time. I get on the stage and I see you guys having a good time. So you've been all through the HowCast series. You've seen all the different steps from me and all the different choreographers that are here and all the different dancers. So now all you've got to do is practice, practice, practice, practice. It makes perfect. And if you want to reach me, you can reach me on Twitter @getemjeff. Got it? G-e-t-e-m-Jeff. getemjeff.

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