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Dishonored Low Chaos Walkthrough Part 41 - Chapter 7

Check out part 41 and finish Dishonored with a low chaos rating in this walkthrough of Arkane Studios' first-person stealth action title.


Sam: Big changes. Makes me uneasy, to tell the truth. Small fry like me always gets the worst of it. Maybe it's going to be different now. The Lord Regent is gone...the Abbey has a new High Overseer. I'm guessing our work is almost done. The others are in the bar, no doubt waiting to raise a glass in your name. Me, I think I'll just linger out here, if you don't mind...reflect on things while we have a moment. Congratulations, Corvo.

Announcer: Attention, Dunwall citizens...

Emily: Corvo!

Announcer: Hiram Burrows, once known as the Lord Regent, is no longer in power. His corrupt and illegitimate regime has come to a close.

Pendleton: Damn me, he's done it! Word is spreading all over the city. The tyranny is over. By this time tomorrow, Emily will be on the throne. After that, we'll clear your name and put everything we've got into rebuilding the city.

Havelock: I wish we had more of a city to rule. Most of Dunwall is rats and corpses.

Pendleton: The Admiral is right, I'm afraid. Corvo, you did your job while the rest of us sat on our asses. Our work starts tomorrow.

Havelock: Tonight, rest easy. Tomorrow, we crown an Empress. To Corvo, the man who served to change the course of history.

Pendleton: To Emily Kaldwin, and the new dawn rising for Dunwall and the Empire.

Male: She'll need higher mathematics, court protocol, and cosmology, of course. Do you provide these things?

Callista: Of course not. I just think I should have a central role. She trusts me.

Emily: We're leaving tomorrow, aren't we? I don't know if I want to go back to the Tower. I can be Empress from anywhere, right? Maybe a ship...

Male: It's true, she does. She trusts all of us. Do you trust me, Callista?

Male 2: I'll need some men to move these furnishings back to the manor.

Cecelia: Do you think Piero will ever want to marry? I mean...hypothetically? You talk to him more than I do.

Martin: We took control of the Abbey through blackmail. But perhaps over time, we can wield a more legitimate...

Havelock: Emily's first act will be to rescind the warrant for your arrest. We can finally take that mask off you.

Pendleton: I wonder what the histories will say of me. I must remember to burn that memoir.

Male 2: Eat well tonight, Corvo.

Callista: You know, Emily is quite special. She's learned from all of, especially. She trusts you absolutely, I believe.

Announcer: the result of previously scheduled training act...

Emily: Admiral Havelock smells like tobacco. Do you think I can order him to throw away his cigars?

Pendleton: You speak less and do more than any other man I've ever met. I swear, I'll help you find the murderer who struck down the Empress. Your life will be changed. Very soon.

Male 3: Samuel, you move like you've been drinking. Did the poison work it's magic? Is he dead?

Male 4: It better have worked. It cost me a month's profit.

Samuel: Yes, sir. I believe Corvo has breathed his last. Just as you wanted.

Male 3: You've done a fine job, then.

Male 4: Remember, we need the body. If we come forward with the corpse of the man who murdered the Empress, we'll be greeted as heroes.

Male 3: Yes. It will grant us legitimacy. We'll be the men who rescued Emily, and brought down the Lord Regent....and his assassin. You'll see to the body, won't you, Samuel?

Samuel: Yes, sir. I'm sorry something terrible, Corvo. But I only gave you half the poison. They were watching me, and it was all I could think to do. I think you're strong enough to survive that. I'll put you on a raft, and then I've got to ship out myself, before they find out I've gone against their wishes. Snakes! They'll want to do the same to me, as soon as I've outlived my uses. Hopefully, you'll wake up and find your way out of this cursed city.

Male 5: This is the one who was with the Empress when she died. Isn't it? Tyvian's [inaudible 00:06:08]

Male 6: [inaudible 00:06:09] work.

Male 5: That's up to God.

Male 7: I know a great deal, bodyguard. I recognize those marks on your hand. A gift from your friend. The one who talks to you in the dark. Talks to you when you visit his shrine. I visited those shrines, too...and I know what it felt like to shove a blade into your Empress. But I don't know you...who you are, and who you fight for. You're a mystery, and I can't allow that.

Male 8: Here you are, at last, in a ruined and drowning world. Held captive by the man who killed your Empress, the assassin Daud. Your friends poisoned you, and dumped your body in the river. Did they do it to protect themselves? So no one would ever know what they'd done? Or was it because they were a single move away from controlling an Empire, and they knew you'd never let them manipulate Emily? Maybe none of these. Perhaps that's just the nature of man.

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