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Dishonored Low Chaos Walkthrough Part 48 - Chapter 7

Check out part 48 and finish Dishonored with a low chaos rating in this walkthrough of Arkane Studios' first-person stealth action title.


Female: Get back! What the hell are you? Some kind of new guard? Like a Tall Boy? Can't be. A doctor, maybe? Eh, just kidding. Assassin, maybe. Passing through, huh? Hoping to catch a ride on the plague-wagon. A few come through here trying. And they fall and break their necks. But that won't stop you.

You're almost there. It's pretty easy to get to the rooftops from here. You'll see the way. What do you want from me? To rob me? Looking for a quick roll in the mud? To rescue me? Well, I am not going anywhere. I came here all on my own, and I'm staying right here.

Do you think it's better out there? I hate to break it to you, but this is it. This is Dunwall, what you see right here. Flooded district, estate district, anywhere else. It's all gonna be the same soon.

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