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Dishonored Low Chaos Walkthrough Part 52 - Chapter 8

Check out part 52 and finish Dishonored with a low chaos rating in this walkthrough of Arkane Studios' first-person stealth action title.


Joplin: I expect that you will want to take revenge on those who wronged you. I do not know where they went, but it was by water. Old Samuel would know, I'd wager. We once discussed a system of signals, to be used in an Emily's tower, for communication across the river. I wonder if he remembers that?

Anton: Well, Corvo, I hope we can be considered colleagues again. You were condemned, I was kidnapped. Men like us rise above such things. As to the good Admiral, I believe men, such as Havelock, start with high-minded intentions. Same with Martin, and maybe even Pendleton. Though I suspect he was just lazy. But no one is prepared for the sheer seductive influence of being so close to real power. Once you start ordering people killed to get your way, everything else is mere...I return to my work now. And you, to yours.

Callista: Corvo, I can't believe you're alive.They killed everyone, Corvo. They killed everyone, to cover it all up. Then, they took Emily with them and they left. I couldn't do anything to protect her. Please, find her. Make her safe. All his talk of being honorable military man, but Havelock will use Emily like a puppet to his own advantage. Something changed in the Admiral, as soon as the Lord Regent died. It had been building up. Martin was acting strange, going quiet if any of us were near. Whispering late into the night with Havelock and Pendleton, while you were out doing the real work. I think they realized they were one step away from holding the same position the Lord Regent had. And worried they'd be held accountable for what they did here, as the loyalists. They would have killed me, too, but Havelock spared me. Out of respect for my uncle, I believe. Please, talk to Samuel and the others. Someone must know where they're going. Find Emily. She's suffered through so much, and she's got no one else on her side. Except you. Samuel sent this here, in case you returned. You can use it to call him. He said he'd come quickly. Hopefully, there's a place you can dock where the watch won't see him. Now that you've eliminated the city watch, I can find my way out of here. But there's no way I can help Emily, the way you can. I saw Samuel on the river, earlier. I'm sure he'll take you where you need to go. One last trip, I expect.

Samuel: Thought I'd find you here. It never pays to bet against you, does it? I saw the signal. I knew you'd be back, Corvo. I knew it. We'll need to get out of here soon. The Admiral controls the military now, Martin's High Overseer and Pendleton's in favor with the aristocracy in Parliament. They need Emily, of course. But if Havelock senses that it's all about to fall down around him, who knows what he's liable to do? Good. Then it's one more trip across the river, to where it meets the sea. That's where the Lord Regent was building his new lighthouse. Ought to be something to see.

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