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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 1 - Chapter 1: Preacher

Check out part 1 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Mother: Voodoo, we're on shore, proceeding to target. Be ready at the extraction point.

Voodoo: We just saw the target headed your way.

Mother: Simple. We're in. We're out. No one will ever know we were here. Hold. No friendlies here. Take him out. There's out truck. Don't shoot the guards or the OP is blown. Just plant the charge. I got your six.

Enemy 1: [foreign language]

Enemy 2: [foreign language]

Mother: Now, Preacher. What the fuck?! Get down! Move! Forward!

Voodoo: Mother, respond. What the fuck is going on?

Mother: No fucking idea, Voodoo! Stand by! Our six is cut off! Primary is no-go. Preacher, go through the container!

Voodoo: Mother, Voodoo. Talk to me!

Mother: Voodoo, get to the secondary extraction point! We're coming to you! Go up! Up, Preacher! It's the only way! That's the private helo! Light it up! Go left! Towards the water! Helo! Get cover! Down the stairs! Hustle up! Preacher, take out the helo! Voodoo, where are you?! Solid shooting, Preacher! Good work! Don't look back!

Lena: I know how this works. You make a million promises. Get Bella's hopes up. We start making plans and then you start taking calls in the other room and you disappear.

Preacher: This isn't that. Lena? Damn. Why did you hang up on me?

Lena: I'm driving, there was a tunnel.

Preacher: You're driving and talking? Is she in the car?

Lena: I'm not driving.

Preacher: Who's driving?

Lena: My dad. Next question.

Preacher: I'm sorry.

Lena: Sorry, sorry. Always sorry.

Preacher: I don't want to fight.

Lena: You live for it.

Dusty: Mother, Dusty. What the hell just happened with your little OP?

Mother: No idea. Standard demolition stuff. Next thing we know, it's raining containers and we're in a shoot out with a goddamn helicopter. We're pretty certain it wasn't the harbor patrol.

Dusty: No, it wasn't. SIGINT hits are lighting up from Manila to East Africa. You pissed somebody off with that fireworks show.

Mother: Any ideas who?

Dusty: That's pretty long list, brother. What do you say you do OGA a favor and stick around that port? See if we can whittle that list down.

Mother: This is outside the Navy's wheelhouse, Dusty. We'd need approval from pretty high up.

Dusty: Got it already.

Mother: Of course, you did. What are your local assets telling you?

Dusty: We had a guy, code name Argyrus. Deep in a cell in the Arabian Peninsula.

Mother: You had a guy.

Dusty: Well, we haven't heard from him in months. That's what's scary. He could be dead, could be flipped, he could be anywhere.

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