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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 3 - Chapter 3: Stump

Check out part 3 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Dingo: Voodoo, Dingo.

Voodoo: Go, Dingo.

Dingo: Green light, brother. They're going in.

Gladiator One One: Gladiators on approach, going low, low.

Voodoo: We're taking fire. Pull off! Pull off!

Gladiator One One: C-2, Gladiator One One, we are pulling off and going to engage with TADS from a safe distance. Mako One, you are on your own for five mikes.

Voodoo: Roger, Gladiator One One. Dingo, there goes our air support.

Dingo: Check. We'll let TF Grizzly take care of anyone who wants to start some shit.

Voodoo: Solid, Dingo. And we'll sneak in and hit the cache. It's smack dab right in the center of Pirate Town. Keep eye in those structures. Move, move. Stump, cover us.

Stump: Moving.

Voodoo: Stump, move up. Alpha is just beyond those structures. Contact, 12, move to cover! Got him!

[foreign language]

Voodoo: Got him. Got him. One more down.

[foreign language]

Voodoo: Enemy down!

[foreign language]

Voodoo: Got him. Dingo, this is Voodoo. So much for sneaky. We're taking contact! What's left in the CAS stack?

Dingo: Voodoo, negative on that air. You get line of sight, laze the target and get some artillery from the boat.

Voodoo: Roger, Dingo. Stump, we need line of sight on the sniper. We'll call for fire from the boat.

Sgt. Wright: LMG! Window! Second deck!

Voodoo: Roger! Firing! Got him.

[foreign language]

Voodoo: Bang him, 10:00!

[foreign language]

Voodoo: Move! Contact! Left!

Sgt. Wright: Sniper! Second deck! Get down! I don't have line of sight!

Voodoo: Stump, we got to get inside that building!

Sgt. Wright: Voodoo, we're holding here! Let's give them covering fire, 'Sana! Sniper! Heads down!

Voodoo: Upstairs, let's move! On the door! You ready?

Sgt. Wright: Voodoo, Stump! We're pinned! Can you get a line on that sniper?!

Voodoo: Working on it! Here's your line or sight. Drop the building. Turn it into a pile of rocks. Good! Now, covering fire!

Soldier 1: Go ahead, Mako, mark target. Firing! TOT three seconds!

Sgt. Wright: Get some!

Voodoo: Incoming. Grizzly, get cover.

Sgt. Xaysana: Sgt. Wright, are we clear?

Sgt. Wright: Clear! Xaysana, move up! We're going inside!

Voodoo: This way.

Sgt. Wright: Mako, over here!

Dingo: 1-6, this 1-4. We are at rally point Alpha. Standing by. Give status. Over.

Sgt. Wright: Five mikes out, 1-4. Over.

Dingo: Solid copy. Holding position.

Sgt. Wright: Voodoo, Stump! Up here. I think we can get through this way.

Voodoo: Any movement inside?

Sgt. Wright: Negative. We smoked them. Hey, down here. This way.

Voodoo: What's the hold up?

Sgt. Xaysana: The building's unstable. We're going to send in the bot first. Then we go.

Voodoo: Looks like it's on.

Sgt. Wright: You got 40 mike mike and 7.62. Good to go.

Voodoo: All right, Stump. Hope you haven't forgotten how to operate this thing.

[foreign language]

Soldier 2: Grizzly 1-6! Grizzly 1-6! We are taking heavy and direct fire in our sector. We cannot move! Request immediate assistance! Over!

Sgt. Wright: 1-4, 1-6. Lima Charlie. We're sending the bot. Over.

Soldier 3: Hurry the hell up.

Voodoo: There they are, Stump!

Sgt. Wright: Hey, the bot's right on your six, 1-4!

Soldier 2: Solid copy! We need covering fire! We're losing cover!

Soldier 3: RPG!

Soldier 4: Let it through!

Voodoo: Stump, give us some fire!

Soldier 5: RPG!

Soldier 6: Damn! The bot's down!

Soldier 5: RPG!

[foreign language]

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