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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 4 - Chapter 3: Stump

Check out part 4 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Voodoo: We got to move! Let's move!

Sgt. Xaysana: Roger. 1-4 hang on! We're coming for you!

Voodoo : Come on, Stump! In here!

LCpl. Tran: 1-6, this is 1-4. Movement in the building across the street.

Sgt. Xaysana: Solid copy. Watch your movement. Tangos in the buildings!

Voodoo: Good call.

Sgt. Xaysana: Shit! Contact!

Sgt. Wright: Direction?

Sgt. Xaysana: Building across the street! Second deck!

Voodoo: Top deck! Take them down!

Sgt. Wright: Tango down!

Voodoo: Tango! Ten o'clock!

Enemy 1: [foreign language]

Sgt. Xaysana: Cover me! Ground floor! Window!

Voodoo: Drop them! Enemy down! Smoke them!

Enemy 2: [foreign language]

Voodoo: He's done.

Enemy 3: [foreign language]

Voodoo: Ten o'clock! Clear! Downstairs! Let's move!

Sgt. Xaysana: Truck!

Voodoo: Take it down! Move through the buildings on the left, Stump!

Sgt. Xaysana: Grenade! Target eliminated.

Voodoo: Got him!

Enemy 4: [foreign language]

Sgt. Xaysana: Watch your fire! Friendlies! Two o'clock!

Sgt. Wright: Stump, see if that gun works! Friendlies at two!

Voodoo: Eyes on the building! They're dug in! I got them! Stump, left! Second deck!

Sgt. Xaysana: Left! Upper deck! RPG!

Voodoo: Twelve o'clock!

Sgt. Xaysana: RPG! Top of the stairs!

Voodoo: Stump, take out the RPG! Second deck!

Sgt. Wright: I'm out, cover me!

Voodoo: They're on the move.

Sgt. Wright: Stairs!

Voodoo: Move up!

LCpl. Tran: Mako One, this is Grizzly Six Actual. We are pinned on the beach. There's a shitload of skinnies with RPGs firing down from the rooftops. We can't fucking move without that air. Can you clear the rooftops?

Sgt. Wright: Truck! Twelve! Get the dude on the gun! Dude on the gun!

Voodoo: Grizzly Six, Mako One. Solid copy. We're moving. Five mikes. Clear! Stack on the door! Grizzly Six, Mako One is moving to high ground to take out those gunners. Hold tight.

LCpl. Tran: Roger. Make it fast. Their aim's getting better.

Voodoo: Copy that.

Sgt. Wright: I like it.

Sgt. Xaysana: Stay down.

Voodoo: Whoa, they're all over the place. Stump, let's pick them off. They don't know we're here, but that's not going to last long. Work effectively, work fast. Skinny down. Another target. Same sector. Grape shot. Okay. Next to the sign. Twelve o'clock. Just left of it. Target down. Your dope's on. They're coming out now. Just below the tower. Two targets. Shit. He's spotted us. Come on, Stump. Don't let him get lucky. Dammit. Incoming. Whack him!

Stump, take out some of those skinnies with Aks. Buzzsaw 1-6 RPG's eliminated. You're clear. Be advised, there are a few squirters with Aks.

LCpl. Tran: Roger. Target confirmed. Going switches hot. Hey! We're seeing movement in that hotel!

Voodoo: RPG! Tower. Get back to the tower, Stump. Dead center. Top deck.

LCpl. Tran: Shit, we're taking fire!

Voodoo: Stump, get the RPG guy! Nice, Stump. Buzzsaw, you're clear. Grizzly Six, Voodoo. You got your air. Watch high, check your corners. This place is a fucking hornet's nest.

LCpl. Tran: Roger that, Mako One. We owe you!

Voodoo: You owe Stump. He was wearing the scope.

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