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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 5 - Chapter 4: Preacher

Check out part 5 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Tom: Let's back up.
When and where?

Lena: My train arrives at 2:20.

Tom: In Madrid.

Lena: Yes, Madrid. At least someone will be happy to see you.

Tom: She is in the car?

Lena: She's asleep. She thinks you walk on water. There's nothing I could say that can change that. Don't expect what you're expecting when you see me.

Tom: I got the message. I'll get my own room at the hotel, but I do expect time with Bella. And you and I can talk. Just talk.

Lena: We've had the same conversation a hundred times.

Tom: Don't. Just don't. Not yet. Something happened. Everything's changed.

Lena: Tom, what's changed? Who you are? What you do? What you have to do? Nothing's ever going to change.

Tom: Everything's changed.

Lena: You always talk in circles with me. Like...Come at me! Hit me!

Tom: Tomorrow. When I see you.

Man: Who told you?

Man two: Come on. You leave the Navy and I've got to hear it from someone else?

Man: It's all political. You know that. Twenty-two years in and we get PNG'd for doing the right thing.

Man two: So that's it? You're out?

Man: I'm down, not out. I've got options.

Man two: How's Preacher doing?

Man: Not well. Packed it up, took his honorable discharge, and headed straight for Madrid. Says he's going to fix his marriage.

Man two: Good on him. Madrid? Lena and Bella aren't at home?

Man: Nah. They're with her parents.

Preacher: Mother, you at the extraction point?

Liaison: Yeah, I'm here. I've got the overhead on, Preacher. Be ready to move when they get to you.

Preacher: Roger, I'm with you. This OP is exactly sanctioned.

Liaison: Here's the deal, Preacher. Follow whoever shows up. You get him to a safe location, and see what he knows, clear?

Preacher: Dusty, car approaching.

Dusty: Got him.

Preacher: Dusty, you got him on the overhead?

Dusty: Yeah, I've got eyes on him.
All right, he's heading toward the ship. Let's wait for the drop, and we'll see where he goes. What the fuck?! What just happened? He's down! He's down!
Who took that shot?! Ajab?!

Got him! Preacher, get to the exit! An old truck! Take it down! Get whatever Intel you can. Don't lose him!

Step on the gas, brother! Stay with the truck. Don't lose line of sight. If he gets on foot, he'll disappear. I got a SIGINT coming from that car. He's on his phone. Fucking idiot.

Do whatever it takes to get that cell phone, Preacher. That's what we need.
Nice job. Keep it up!

You're heading into the Kiamari. It's going to get muddy in there.

It's gonna be tight through here. Watch the turns. Left coming up. Right up ahead.

He's getting back on the road. You're gonna run into traffic here.

You got no friends here, brother. Shit goes sideways. Primary objective is to get the fuck out of town. Looks like he's taking the alley. Preacher, you're going to have to stay with him. I'm losing the look angle behind some buildings.

Bird in position. Target acquired. Don't stop for anything!

Hurry up, Preacher. Don't lose him! He took a left! He's heading left!
Make a right! Make a left! He went left!

Oh, shit! He's plowing right through the Empress Market.
You're going to need to get him and get out quick!
The ISI is going to be all over this!

Keep it up. You're gaining ground! Preacher, you're right on him!

Come on, he's dropping you! Preacher, get the lead out! Go right!
You can catch up when you hit the roads again.

You're reeling him in. Keep it up! Nice job. Keep it up!
Right! He took a right!
Keep it up. You're gaining ground!

He's heading into the slums. It's not friendly here. Don't lose sight of him.
Stay on him, Preacher!
You're closing in on him, Preacher.

Now's a good time to end this. No crowds. This is good!
You're almost there!
His truck can't handle the corners. That's where you can nail him.
Stay on him, Preacher!

Go right! Take the bridge! Ajab, they're coming to you.
Get moving!
Keep going. He's going to have to cross to your side.
You're reeling him in. Keep it up!

Come on, Preacher! This has gone on too long. Take him out!
Preacher, you're right on him!
Preacher, now! Now!

Heads up. ISI is on it's way.

[ foreign dialogue 00:09:35]

Dusty: Ajab, make sure Preacher gets out of that neighborhood.
Mother, they're coming to you. Get them out of there.

[foreign dialogue 00:09 46]

Preacher: Roger, Dusty.

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