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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 6 - Chapter 5: Preacher

Check out part 6 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Mother: Yeah. It's been 48 hours. No, I know. Hold on. Let me call you back. Tom. Preacher. Hey. You're in hospital in Madrid. Can you hear me?

Preacher: Lena?

Mother: They're all right. They're all right. They missed their train. Lena. They missed their train.

Lena: Tom.

Preacher: Bella?

Lena: She's right here.

Bella: Daddy.

Preacher: Hey, baby.

Mother: Clean work. Clear. Stay stealthy here, Preacher.

Voodoo: Mother, UAV is away. Eyes on in five mikes.

Mother: Let's just hope they haven't moved the hostages. And they're still alive.

Voodoo: Mother, weapons free. Mako Three and Four moving past O.P. Alice. We'll raise you when we have eyes on ahead of you.

Mother: hang on, Voodoo. We have a company. He's all yours, Preacher. Take him out. Tighten up, Preacher. Take him out. Voodoo, remember, when we get to the X, General Barrera is directing the Op. Voodoo, acknowledge.

Voodoo: Fuck, Mother. We know. He only told that us 50 times back in Manila.

Mother: So it's not a problem?

Enemy 1: [foreign language]

Enemy 2: [foreign language]

Mother: Hold. Tango down.

Enemy 2: [foreign language]

Mother: Take him out.

Enemy 2: [foreign language]

Mother: Go. Take him out.

Voodoo: Mother, Voodoo. WE're peeling off to Betty. UAV is showing multiple personnel with weapons in your grid.

Mother: Roger, Voodoo. Do me a favor. Just don't start the shooting.

Voodoo: Who? Me? Raise you when we're at Betty.

Mother: Preacher, we can't be sloppy here. Let's smoke these guys and move.

Enemy 3: [foreign language]

Mother: Take him out. Looks like three more at two o'clock. Let's team up on this one. Go on you. You're clear. Move up, Preacher. On that door. Move. Ready? Good call.

Enemy 4: [foreign language]

Mother: Clear. Keep moving.

Voodoo: Mother, we scrambled their comms. You're weapons free from here on out.

Mother: What can you tell us?

Voodoo: You've got tangos on the building surrounding your position. Half a dozen. Maybe more in the structures.

Mother: Check. Raise you when we are clear.

Voodoo: Solid. We are two clicks from the Capitol.

Mother: Top of that boat. Center. He's all yours, Preacher. He's down. Shit! Snipers! Preacher, hold here. Stay in cover. Stump, Mother. Do we have any air support?

Stump: Negative. Birds are fueling up. At least 20 mikes.

Mother: What about indirect?

Stump: I think we can handle that.

Mother: Preacher, get in the LTLM and mark that building. Nice. They're about to get a big surprise. Three, two, one. So much for silent. Go loud.

Enemy 5: [foreign language]

Mother: Contact! Enemy down. Get to cover.

Enemy 6: [foreign language]

Mother: Twelve o'clock. Tango down. Twelve o'clock. On your left! Left! by the bell tower!

Enemy 7: [foreign language]

Mother: Twelve o'clock. Two more at ten!

Enemy 8: [foreign language]

Mother: More contacts! Twelve o'clock. He's dead. We're clear. Preacher, move up. Get to the main entrance. At least we'll be dry for a bit in here. Got another door. Ready?

Enemy 9: [foreign language]

Mother: Twelve o'clock! Clear. Moving.

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