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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 7 - Chapter 5: Preacher

Check out part 7 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Mother: Welcome to Isabela City. Sure doesn't look like the brochure, does it? Clear. Left. Move to that alley. Stay on your toes, Preacher. Lot's of places for ASG to hide.

Enemy 1: [foreign language]

Mother: Ten o'clock! He's down. Shooter! Balcony!

Enemy 2: [foreign language]

Mother: Right! RPG! Left!

Enemy 3: [foreign language]

Mother: Target at two! He's down. You're clear. Move up, Preacher. I got the gate. Going right. Shit, this has ambush written all over it. Eyes on the windows and doors, Preacher. Inside. It's the only way.

Voodoo, Mother. We're in the city. Proceeding to. O.P.. What's your status?

Voodoo: We got slowed down a bit, Mother. We're seeing more patrols on the outer perimeter, stay sharp, bro.

Mother: Target, 12 o'clock. Contact. Ten o'clock! Go up, Preacher. Between the buildings! LMG! Second deck! Get cover, Preacher! Let's pick them off first. I'm on your left! Got him.

Enemy 4: [foreign language]

Mother: Target left!

Enemy 5: [foreign language]

Mother: Clear! Let's go this way. On me. Shit, the water is deep. Eyes open, Preacher. Twelve o'clock! Jesus, this place is torn apart. More like a bomb than a hurricane.

Enemy 6: [foreign language]

Mother: Target on two! Twenty meters!

Enemy 7: [foreign language]

Mother: Twelve o'clock! I'm out, cover me. Look right! Low! Contact! Top deck! Twelve! Contact! Left! Left! Close! Got him!

Enemy 8: [foreign language]

Mother: Target at two! Low right! He's coming at us! RPG! Twelve o'clock! Twelve o'clock! Twenty meters! Got him! He's dead. Let's take the stairs, move through the building. We're almost there. Nicely done. Be ready. Shit! Clear?

Voodoo, Mother.

Voodoo: Go, Mother.

Mother: The surprise party is busted up. They know we're here now. I don't know about the hostages, so you're going to have to get eyes on the capitol.

Voodoo: Roger.

Mother: We just put down about three dozen ASG fighters. They're trained and know the area, so...

Voodoo: So watch it. Got it.

Mother: Any word from Berrera?

Voodoo: Local PTC says he's holding outside the area and on comms.

Mother: So he won't get in the way.

Voodoo: Well, we'll see. Looks like he's going to lead from behind.

Mother: Roger, Voodoo. Raise you when we're at Betty. Stack on the door, P. Good job, P. We're here. Let's set up under that sign.

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