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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 8 - Chapter 5: Preacher

Check out part 8 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Voodoo: Mother, we got eyes on the hostage gathering point. Second deck, south side of the capitol.

Male in hat: Roger that, Voodoo. What do you see?

Voodoo: A half dozen hostages. Men and women. Three armed guards. Wait...

Male in hat: Who is that?

Voodoo: I can't get a good look. Oh shit. Khalifa.

Male in hat: Khalifa.

Male in hat: General Barrera. We have eyes on a high value target. We have Marwan al-Khalifa.

General: We have our man in position. Stand down.

Male in hat: General, our men have the target in sight. We can take the shot.

General: Stand down, Mother. Tiger 12 get into position.

Male in hat: Shit. We got another person.

Voodoo: Sheikh. Fuck, Mother, shots fired, shots fired.

Male in hat: He shot a hostage?

Tiger 12: Negative. He--he shot one of their guys. Who is this guy? He's fucking crazy.

Male in hat: General, we cannot I.D. the unknown...

General: Stand down, Mother! Tiger 12, do you have the target?

Tiger 12: Fuck, he's moved. Mother, red. Red. Moving to re-aquire target.

General: But your failure requires penance. Voodoo, stay on Khalifa. Wait for a go.

Voodoo: Red. Red.

General: Tiger 12, take the shot!

Tiger 12: We're moving into position, sir. Fuck. They're getting jittery, Mother. Your call, bro.

Voodoo: Mother, we need to identify...

General: Take the shot! Now!!

Voodoo: Khalifa's down! Khalifa's down!

General: Voodoo.

Voodoo: Negative. It wasn't me.

General: Tiger 12 took the shot. Tiger 12, is the target down?

Tiger 12: I don't know!

Male in hat: Voodoo give me a SITREP?

Voodoo: No visual on the hostages or HVTs.

Man in hat: Preacher, we're going in. Voodoo, get to the RHIBs, we're going to need extract!

Tom: The train bombings. Basilan. They're connected. P.E.T.N.

Man in hospital bed: He was there.

Tom: Who?

Man in hospital bed: Khalifa. Martyred his ass right in front of me.

Tom: Took thirty five people along with him. There were attacks at other stations. The chatter's through the roof.

Man in hospital bed: I'm not coming back. I'm out.

Tom: Twelve of those thirty five were kids. We I.D.'d that POI in Basilan. Sad al Din. AKA Ibrahim al-Najdi. Things are going to get worse.

Woman: Tom? Everything ok?

Tom: Yep. We're good.

Woman: What's going to get worse?

Man in hospital bed: It doesn't concern us.

Woman: You can't keep doing this. Whatever is going on out there affects you. Affects us. You've got to let me in. Just a little.

Male 1: Hang on! Helo inbound. Cover 'em!

Male 2: Those are friendlies! Incoming friendlies! Preacher, let's hustle. We've got to get to the hostages!

Mako: There! What's that thing? Stump, this is Mother. What the fuck is going on?

Stump: Barrera is sending more troops in.

Mako: Shit. Can you get on one of those birds?

Stump: We can.

Mako: Do it. We may need you. Blue! Blue!

Male with accent: Hoy! You are Mako, right?

Mako: Affirmative. We're headed for the capitol. How far from the capitol are we?

Male with accent: Six blocks! But with the flooding, who knows?

Mako: Contact! Get ready. Top deck!

Male with accent: Helicopter inbound! Cover them!

Mako: Who the fuck called these guys?

Male with accent: General Barrera called for reinforcements.

Mako: RPG! It's going down!

Male with accent: They're going to need medical!

Mako: You're coming with us!

Male with accent: Okay.

Mako: Push up!

Male with accent: Target eliminated.

Mako: Top deck! On the truck! Got him. Area's clear. Which way?

Male with accent: The capitol is to the right.

Mako: Preacher, we're going right.

Male with accent: Men, let's go!

Mako: RPG! Get down! Twelve, top deck!

Male with accent: We've got to get out of the street!

Mako: Ten o'clock. Twenty meters. Move!

Tiger 12: General, this is Tiger 12. We are at the Capitol Building!

Mako: Keep moving!

General: Tiger 12, move to the Capitol entrance and prepare to assault.

Tiger 12: Yes, sir.

Mako: Tiger 12, this is Mako One. Hold your position. We're coming to you. Tiger 12? You took that shot?

Tiger 12: I do what I'm ordered to do.

Mako: Fucking General should've known better.

Male with accent: Hoy! Up here!

Mako: Stump, Mother. Give status. Over.

Stump: in the air. A few clicks south of the capitol.

Mako: Stand by. We may need a gun run from you.

Stump: Roger.

Mako: What's the General's plan, then?

Male with accent: Assault through the front. But they out number us.

Mako: Let's soften their position, then. Preacher, get in the LTLM and mark those positions. Tiger 12, pull your men back a bit.

Male with accent: Pull back! Air strike on the way!

Stump: Roger Tiger 12.

Mako: Get some cover! Stump, Preacher just painted some targets south of the Capitol entrance. No friendlies. Light 'em up.

Stump: Roger, I got eyes on.

Mako: RPG! You got a few more squirters, Stump! Marking targets... Near the entrance, Stump! That guy's running, take him out! I think we're clear. Great work, Stump!

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