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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 9 - Chapter 5: Preacher

Check out part 9 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Tiger 12: We're going to rally with Voodoo at the boats.

Mother: Check, we're going to need you once we get to the hostages.

Enemy 1: [foreign language]

Tiger 12: Roger. Keep it tight.

Mother: You know it, Stump. Shit, what are they doing?

Soldier 1: Shit! [foreign language]

Gen. Barrera: What happened?! What's going on?!

Tiger 12: They blew up the entrance, General! We have casualties!

Gen. Barrera: Who?! Which entrance?!

Tiger 12: You got to be kidding me.

Gen. Barrera: Where are the helicopters? Wait, stand your ground. Can you get to a roof? Yes, get to a rood and signal with smoke. We will regroup with Bravo team and start negotiations with the kidnappers.

Tiger 12: What do we do? Tell me what to do.

Mother: We go in and get those hostages. They're dead if we don't move now. From this point on, I have control of this.

Tiger 12: Okay. Switch your radios to One-Four. We listen to this man only. We're going after the hostages.

Mother: I need two of your best men with us.

Tiger 12: You and you, go with Mother.

Mother: We're going left. Take your team to the right. We'll link up inside. Understood? Get moving. Preacher, you're on me.

Soldier 2: I think we can get in over here.

Mother: Good work.

Soldier 2: This way.

Mother: Preacher, the window. Go. Voodoo, we are inside the capitol. Proceeding to hostage location.

Voodoo: Roger.

Mother: This room's clear. Preacher, hallway.

Enemy 2: [foreign language]

Mother: Contact! Clear! Keep pushing! Go right, Preacher!

Enemy 3: [foreign language]

Enemy 4: [foreign language]

Soldier 2: Enemy down.

Mother: Clear! This is a dead end. Stack on the wall. We'll go right through it. You're up. Get back. Move! Move! Shit! MG! Twelve o'clock! Preacher, left! We need covering fire! Voodoo, we have hostage location. Initiating emergency assault now. Hot extract is eminent. Stand by.

Voodoo: Roger! Ten o'clock!

Enemy 5: [foreign language]

Enemy 6: [foreign language]

Soldier 3: Target eliminated.

Mother: Move up!

Soldier 2: Enemy down!

Mother: Tango on two! Tango left! Get to the stairs! Two o'clock! Move up!

Enemy 7: [foreign language]

Mother: Target on the stairway! Ten o'clock!

Soldier 2: They're behind cover!

Mother: Preacher,! Flush him out!

Soldier 3: Tango down! Target eliminated!

Mother: Clear.

Soldier 2: Hey, we have friendlies on the second floor. Watch your fire up there.

Mother: Roger, corporal. Next deck, go. Voodoo, Mako One is moving to hostage location now.

Voodoo: We're 10 mikes out.

Mother: Roger.

Enemy 8: [foreign language]

Enemy 9: [foreign language]

Mother: Clear! Let's get to the hostages! We don't have a lot of time! Fuck! Shit. Everyone good? This place is coming down. Watch your movement. That was no accident! This place is rigged! Clear! Move up. ID your targets. Go.

Enemy 10: [foreign language]

Mother: Two o'clock.

Enemy 11: [foreign language]

Mother: Another target!

Enemy 12: [foreign language]

Soldier 3: Dammit! I got them! I got them!

Mother: Keep moving! Dammit! They got an MG in the hallway! Preacher, the door! Flank them!

Enemy 13: [foreign language]

Soldier 3: Clear!

Mother: Shit. Where are the hostages?

Soldier 2: The mayor's office. This is it here.

Mother: Roger. Preacher, on the door. Ready?

Enemy 14: [foreign language]

Mother: All clear.

Man 1: [foreign language]

Mother: Calm down. We'll get you out of here. Voodoo, Mother. Where are my boats?

Voodoo: Mother, we got eyes on your position. Meter's running. It's now or never.

Mother: Roger, Voodoo! Coming to you! Top deck! Left! Move! Move! Paladin One, this is Mother. Proceeding to Rally Point Alpha.

Paladin One: Roger that, Mako.

Mother: In the boats! Go!

Mother: Shit! Tiger 12 is hit!

Paladin One: C-2, we're seeing numerous enemy moving on the river. We can cover Mako's egress.

Mother: Preacher, get on Mark-19!

Soldier 4: Hustle up!

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