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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough Part 10 - Chapter 5: Preacher

Check out part 10 and become the ultimate global warfighter in this walkthrough of EA's latest war title, Medal of Honor, Warfighter.


Voodoo: All right, everybody in! We're moving! Mako One, C-2. Paladin One vectoring to RP Alpha. Contact them on this push in the green.

Mother: Roger that.

Voodoo: Mother, stay on our six! There's fucking ASG's all over the place, so be ready and keep the hostages down!

Mother: Roger that. Voodoo! Paladin One, this is Mako One. Moving to primary extraction point.

Paladin One: Roger, Mako One. Paladin One and Three moving to Rally Point Alpha.

Mother: Voodoo, birds are on the way. Vehicle! Left! Preacher! The truck! Take it out!

Stump: Hang on! Heads down!

Mother: Shit! Here, keep pressure on this! Don't let up! Stump, get us there fast!

Paladin One: Mako One, we have eyes on you. Looks like you could use some help.

Mother: Whatever you got, Paladin. Just be at Alpha when we get there.

Paladin One: Roger that.

Mother: Voodoo, don't stop and fight! Run through anything! We have to get the hostages out of here! Hit the tanks!

Paladin One: Mako One, Paladin One. F.L.I.R. is showing a lot of movement at Alpha. Looks to be hostile.

Mother: Yeah? No shit! Roger that. Twelve o'clock! RPG!

Stump: Shit! Hang on, looks like we have a dead end.

Voodoo: Stump, get on our six. We'll get you out of there!

Stump: Roger that, Voodoo. Moving left!

Mother: Ah, shit. This guy's hit! I can't stop the bleeding! Get us home, Stump!

Stump: Roger!

Voodoo: We're almost there! Stay on our six! This way!

Stump: Shit! Lookout! Shit! Voodoo, back up! Back up! We're blocked! Got to find another way!

Voodoo: Roger.

Stump: Voodoo, go left! Between those buildings!

Mother: Stump, Preacher, stay close. Shit, this guy's going into shock! Voodoo, go! Go! Hit it!

Voodoo: Fuck! Don't stop! Stump, we're going through the trees. Don't lose us.

Stump: Copy.

Voodoo: Almost there! How are the hostages?

Mother: This guy's critical, we're losing him!

Voodoo: Roger.

Stump: Fuck, heads down!

Mother: There's Alpha! Get ready to hook up!

Stump: Dammit, we can't see shit. Paladin, pull off, pull off. We're losing visibility.

Mother: Preacher! Preacher! You okay? Preacher, you're driving! Let's go! Go!

Paladin One: Mother, Alpha is blown! Proceed to Rally Point Bravo!

Mother: Roger that, Paladin One.

Stump: I'm good. Stay quiet! Stay down!

Mother: Voodoo, we're on your six! Give us heads up on anything you see!

Voodoo: Check. Get on the gas, bro! We're sitting ducks on the water! Tangos on the bridge! Stay to the left ahead! Lot's of debris in front of you!

Mother: RPG!

Voodoo: Hard right turn! Go left up ahead!

Mother: Tango, top deck!

Voodoo: Mother, we got to move! Close the gap, you're losing us!

Mother: Stay on the gas, Preacher! C-2, Mother. We have one CAT Alpha and at least two CAT Bravos with us. Have medical ready.

Voodoo: Tangos on the bridge!

Mother: Come on, Preacher! Get moving!

Voodoo: Stay left on the container ship. We're almost at Bravo.

Paladin One: Mako, ready for exit at Rally Point Bravo.

Mother: Roger that, Paladin One. The helos. Follow the helos! Paladin One, we have three friendly casualties on board. One is critical.

Paladin One: Roger that, Mako. Come on, come on, Mako! Let's hustle up down there!

Mother: It's okay, it's okay. We've got you. You're going home now.

Voodoo: Paladin One, we're good to go!

Mother: We're good. Hooked up! Let's go! Go!

Paladin One: Roger that! C-2, this is Paladin One. We have Mako and are inbound with ONE CAT Alpha and TWO CAT Bravos, fie mikes out. We require stretchers.

C-2: Roger that, Paladin One. Trauma's standing by.

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