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What Are Live Foods?

Learn what live foods are from raw food chef Ron Russell in this Howcast video.


Two ways you can define live foods. Live foods are raw foods, meaning they have not been cooked in any way, and therefore they still have all the natural enzymes in them. Once you heat above 118 degrees, you kill off the enzymes which help your body digest the food. That's one definition. Another definition is foods that are still growing. In other words, if you eat a zucchini, it's been cut off the plant. It's no longer growing. It's started to decay the second you cut it off. But live foods would be, for instance, sprouts because you're eating them as they're essentially still growing, still going through that growth phase. They are very active with the enzymes because that's what the plant needs to grow and so you get something that 's truly at its maximum amount of nutrients. So that would be probably the one that most people would think of when they think of live foods. It's still living.

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