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3 Raw Food Myths

Learn some myths about eating a raw food diet from chef Ron Russell in this Howcast video.


Some of the myths about raw food that I hear a lot are, "Am I going to get enough protein?" Well, you very much can get enough protein just eating raw food. Greens are just packed full of protein. Spinach, chard, and kale, per calorie count, are actually higher in protein than meat. You do have to eat a lot, but you can definitely get it that way. Also, seeds and nuts have a lot of protein and other things that you're going to eat. I actually know several bodybuilders that pretty much eat nothing but greens, and they are cut and obviously have a lot of muscle mass.

One of the other myths I hear a lot about is am I going to be satisfied with my meals? Am I still going to have the same taste level? Am I going to enjoy my meals? Am I just going to be grazing out in the yard? One of the things raw foodist cooks try and do is make food even better than what you're used to. Because when you cook food you actually destroy part of the taste level, and you have to add in more spices, often, to counteract that when you're cooking.

At my restaurants and cafe we've had several meat eaters say it was among the best meals they've ever had. One gentleman, with each new course, he was oohing and ahhing. By the end of the meal he said I can tell you the last time I had a meal this good. It was ten years ago. It was at a Michelin three star restaurant in Paris that had been there for 400 years. We get that from meat eaters.

So, it can be bursting with flavor. Now, you can make not-so-good raw food that doesn't have much flavor, but it's definitely a myth that it can't be made good. It can be made really tasty. There are all sorts of techniques that you can do with herbs and spices. Dehydration actually intensifies flavors, so when you dehydrate food it can add a lot of flavor to it.

So, those are some of the myths that I see and probably are not so much true.

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