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3 Raw Food Diet Tips & Tricks

Learn three raw food diet tips and tricks from chef Ron Russell in this Howcast video.


Some of the tips and tricks of eating raw food one of which is keep it simple. Make simple things to start for sure. If you make recipes that are too difficult you're just going to get tired of being in the kitchen all the time.

So another thing is you want to eat nutrient dense foods, and these are the greens; chard, cilantro, kale. People talk about kale being kind of harsh. It's kind of a firm leaf, this is kale, and it's a little bitter if you eat it just the way it is.

So one of the tips is you take it off the stalk. You have a bowl of it and you massage it. And you literally just scrunch it around. What happens is, and you can add a little oil which will help the process, but you will see when I finish here it's actually changed color. It's darker green now, and it's also softer. And that makes it much more palatable. You're breaking down the fiber that's naturally in the kale, and the fiber is what's keeping it so kind of harsh to the palate. It actually becomes sweeter once you massage it for a while.

I start almost every morning with kale, spinach, and spirulina which is a blue-green algae which is also in kind of the greens family, very nutrient dense. And I put it in a blender with a large banana that's going to sweeten it up, some water, and some ice. And it's quite tasty, and it really energizes me at the beginning of the day.

The way I've seen more people end their raw food diet is they're just sick of having to think three days away of making something because they had to sprout too many things or whatever. So, keep it simple and you'll be a lot happier on the raw food diet.

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