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How to Be a Vegetarian or Vegan on a Raw Food Diet

Learn how to be a vegetarian or a vegan on a raw food diet from chef Ron Russell in this Howcast video.


There's several different kinds of raw foodists. The most common by far is the vegan raw foodist, meaning you don't eat any animal products. Anything that is derived from an animal, you stay away from. That's the most common form of raw food. There's also the vegetarian raw foodists who incorporate raw milk into the diet. It's hard to find raw milk, because there are some health dangers with raw milk, so you have to get super fresh raw milk. And then there's even the raw foodist that does eat meat products, but they eat them raw. Again, there's health concerns, bacteria, e coli. You have to be really careful of adding those in. It's much easier to be a vegan raw foodist. You don't have to worry about those bacteria concerns that you do with milk, eggs, and cheese. So, it's just a lot easier.

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