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How to Be a Fruitarian

Learn how to be a fruitarian from raw food chef Ron Russell in this Howcast video.


So some people ask about being a fruitarian. This is someone that eats a diet primarily based of just fruit. People ask is it safe? What are the effects going to be?

From the people I've known that have been fruitarian, I've known a fair number, they tend to be really healthy. So I think it's a healthy diet. I've seen people that have been fruitarians for quite a few years and no signs of ill health by being a fruitarian. They do have generally incorporated at least some greens in their diet. You don't want to just eat fruit because there's certain vitamins and minerals you're going to miss out on.

But for the most part, you can eat mostly fruit. I've seen triathletes on the fruitarian diet, winning multiple triathlons. So you can definitely be very healthy on a fruitarian diet.

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