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How to Eat Sprouts As Part of a Raw Food Diet

Learn how to eat sprouts as part of a raw food diet from chef Ron Russell in this Howcast video.


People often want to eat sprouts on a raw food diet. And the reason being is, sprouts are a living food. They're still growing. And there are certain enzymes, nutrients that really proliferate in that kind of environment when that food is still growing.

As far as creating sprouts the basic rule is you're wetting them. Letting them sit in air, they tend to grow. And then just keeping them wet and that ultimately lets them grow the white sprout.

You can do mung bean sprouts, you can do lentil sprouts. You can sprout many beans. It's probably the healthiest way to eat a bean.

They're not as tasty, quite frankly, as other raw foods in my opinion. They tend to have a little bitterness to them. But they're great to incorporate into your diet.

The one thing you want to watch for on sprouted foods is to make sure that they're done properly and no mold forms. That's one danger that you have with, quite frankly, with any raw food. You want to watch for mold because it's so alive. The enzymes are still so active that it tends to break down quicker than processed foods in the standard American diet.

So, very nutritious to have sprouts. Just be careful that no mold is growing.

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