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How to Pickle Raw Food

Learn how to pickle raw food from chef Ron Russell in this Howcast video.


So, you can pickle and/or ferment many raw foods. They still remain raw that way. It adds quite a few benefits by fermenting. Fermenting actually causes the increase of good bacteria. Things like acidophilus, which you've probably heard of, helps in the digestion of the food and helps build up the positive bacteria in your stomach.

It's very easy to pickle many things. You can pickle cabbage to create a sauerkraut or a kimchi. You can pickle, obviously, cucumbers and so on.

And the way you do it is basically you're creating a brine which is a salt water. Then you're just going to chop up your cabbage, or your cucumbers, or you can do daikon radish. There's all sorts of things you can pickle. Even celery and carrots will pickle.

You can add seasoning to it. You can create kimchi by adding the Asian red peppers and give it a little spice. They also go great with the daikon radish. Some people want to put in a little sugar as well, a raw sugar like dates, but probably it's easiest to do just with the salt water. Some people put in a little of the Bragg's apple cider vinegar, which is a raw vinegar, to also increase the flavor of the pickled vegetable.

You can get some very good pickled vegetables, all raw, and you get the benefits of the positive bacteria for your stomach.

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