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Staples of the Raw Food Diet

Learn about the staples you need to follow a raw food diet from chef Ron Russell in this Howcast video.


So, some of the things that are great to have in your kitchen at all times for cooking with raw food. Two things that I use a lot, sunflower seeds. I make burgers out of them, seed pates. I make a fake chicken salad out of it. So, I use a lot of sunflower seeds. If you use chia seed as a batter, in other words you make something and you coat it in chia seed and dehydrate it, the chia seed will still remain crunchy so you can get kind of a crunchy shell. I've actually made onion rings that way. Another thing that I love to have in the kitchen is apple cider vinegar. Now, you want to use Bragg's brand apple cider vinegar, because they don't pasteurize it so it is raw. Bragg's apple cider vinegar, it's organic, it's unfiltered. You can see a little cloudiness, which is fine. It's just a natural product and it's great for your needs for a salad dressing. If you want to make a salad dressing and have vinegar in it, that's what you use. Another thing I like to have is a soy sauce substitute, because it gives that great rich flavor, but there's one that I really like and that's coconut amino acids and it tastes very similar to soy sauce. It's not quite the same flavor, but very close, and that one is raw and it's made from coconut. And why that is good is all the other soy sauces are made of soy and, typically, wheat. There's only one raw soy sauce, that's Nama Shoyu and that one does have wheat, though, and soy. A lot of people want to avoid both of those or they have an allergy to either wheat or soy or both. Another thing I really like is actually not raw, but I know most every raw foodist uses it in their cooking and that is nutritional yeast. And nutritional yeast is not raw. They actually grow it on molasses and harvest it, but it is really high in nutrients, very high in protein, B vitamins, very nutrient dense food. And you're not going to use that much that you're going to change, you know, not have most of the dish raw. You're just going to use enough to give flavor, but it gives a very cheddar cheesy kind of flavor to food. So, those are the things I really like to have in my kitchen, very useful and they last a long time. Try those and see if it doesn't help your food.

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