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How to Deal with the Farting Caused by a Raw Food Diet

Learn how to deal with the farting caused by a raw food diet from chef Ron Russell in this Howcast video.


Some people complain that they have issues with flatulence on a raw food diet. This can come from two different things. One is they tend to be eating more cabbage family products. So, cabbage can cause flatulence. Also in that family are kale and broccoli. So that's one thing.

You can either eat less of those if you're having an issue, or you can marinate them by adding salt. That helps break down some of the gaseous formations in the cabbage. So, you can make sauerkraut even and so on, and generally people don't have as much problems once it's broken down.

The other thing with flatulence is improper food combining. I've seen that happen sometimes. What's happening is let's say you combine a fruit with seeds and nuts. The seeds and nuts take much longer to digest than fruit. Fruit is very fast to digest. And so, what happens is when you combine the two the nuts are still trying to process and the fruit is already broken down. The sugars in the fruit have broken down, and it starts to ferment in your stomach.

Basically, you want to try to eat your sugary items by themselves and then eat your proteins and your greens on their own. So, it's just combining differently and leaving the sugars out of when you're eating maybe your main meal where you have more nuts and seeds.

So those two things will avoid most flatulence problems on the raw food diet.

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