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Is a Raw Food Diet Expensive?

Learn if following a raw food diet is expensive from chef Ron Russell in this Howcast video.


A raw food diet. Some people worry that it's too expensive. It can be expensive or it doesn't have to be.

And the way there are change outs that you can do that make it less expensive. You can buy processed raw foods like at the supermarket, in the health food store, certainty they can be expensive. Things like kale chips for instance. Obviously it's going to be expensive because it's processed by someone else. So, those kinds of things can really bite into your budget.

So, making your own raw foods is one part of it. Another part is substituting. For instance if you use nuts, cashews, almonds, pine nuts to make your dishes those can add up really quickly.

Instead of nuts, like almonds which are eight dollars a pound or cashews which tend to be about five dollars a pound or pine nuts which can be anything. Twenty dollars a pound or more.

You can replace, usually quite successfully, you can replace recipes with those with sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds or one of the seeds which tend to be much less expensive. Sunflower seeds are typically two dollars a pound. Part of which is they're grown domestically.

Lots of greens from the farmer's market is a great way. Generally the prices are less than the stores and you're going to get super fresh produce. And it's also even going to last longer because it is so fresh.

By doing those things raw food is going to be just as affordable as any other kind of diet. So that's a great way to save money.

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