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Can I Freeze Food on a Raw Food Diet?

Learn if you can freeze food on a raw food diet from chef Ron Russell in this Howcast video.


You can freeze raw foods. It does break down the food a little more. Does, I believe kill some of the enzymes. But it's still going to be raw.

So, it's kind of a half and half. It's not something you want to do often in my opinion because it does get rid of some of the nutrients. If you look at the nutrients of any frozen food it's going to be less than a fresh, off the farm food. You want to freeze sparingly.

But there are definitely techniques that you can use to create culinary interest by freezing. For instance, you can freeze a lot of desserts. You can make cheesecakes out of nuts and a sweetener like dates and create awesome desserts.

It kind of depends on how perfect a diet you want. I'm big on the belief that you want to make it fun. You don't want to be so strict that you get bored with it. No matter how perfect you eat I've got news, you're still going to die.

You know, it's like, it's not that it's going to make you live forever. It's going to make you live a long time and without health problems. But you still want to enjoy it.

The one I do the most as I said was frozen desserts. I do mousse, chocolate mousse, key lime pie. Things like that work great frozen. But you don't want to use your everyday stuff.

You certainly don't want to freeze like your leafy greens and that kind of thing. They're just not going to hold up well. But if you're just freezing nuts and seeds and then it's going to be fine to freeze some of it.

But, keep it to a minimum when you freeze.

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