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Should Children Go on a Raw Food Diet?

Learn if children should go on a raw food diet from chef Ron Russell in this Howcast video.


So should children go on a raw food diet? Some people are concerned about that.

The basic answer is, it's a very nutritious diet. However, just like all things, you need to make sure it's a good diet. And what I mean by that is, for children, they tend to need more fat content than adults do, to develop properly, especially young children.

Certainly greens and fresh fruits and vegetables, and seeds are all good for children as well, you just need to use a little common sense. Make sure they get a full spectrum of nutrients. You want to make sure they get enough fat content. But yes, you can definitely have a very healthy child on a raw food diet.

In fact, my business partner at SunCafe, Rebecca, her son ate mostly raw food growing up, a vegan diet. Even when he was a baby, she would just puree spinach or kale and make her own baby food that way. And he's like the healthiest adult you'll ever meet. I mean, he's 25 and just never gets sick, and his friends are eating the standard American diet, and always have a cold or the flu, or some issue or weight problems. And he's just as healthy as can be. To this day he just loves a plate of raw broccoli. It's like a big treat to him.

So yes, you can definitely be a very healthy child on a raw food diet.

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