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How to Avoid Dental Problems on a Raw Food Diet

Learn how to avoid dental problems on a raw food diet from chef Ron Russell in this Howcast video.


I have heard of cases of people having dental issues with raw foods occasionally. It's not that common, but sometimes it will happen. Some fruits, for instance berries and citrus, have a high amount of acidity to them and that tends to break down enamel. So one thing you can do is after you finish your fruit is have something a little bit alkaline, something green, a little kale, a little spinach can help neutralize that acid. Or just brush your teeth. So that's one simple way.

Or you can use one of the new high alkaline waters. You can just swish around in your mouth and make sure you get all that acid off your teeth. Another thing that occasionally can happen is some, specially dehydrated foods, can be sticky. The dehydration process as you take the water out, they tend to start getting sticky. It can also be with like dehydrated vegetables or fruits. You dehydrate tomatoes or whatever, you're not only getting acid of the tomato, but you're also getting its sticky qualities so it's going to stick to your teeth. You just want to make sure you do the typical things. You're going to brush, you're going to floss, and you won't have any dental issues with raw foods that way.

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