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How to Avoid a B-12 Deficiency on a Raw Food Diet

Learn how to avoid a B-12 deficiency on a raw food diet from chef Ron Russell in this Howcast video.


So, B-12. Some people are worried, "Am I going to get my B-12?" There's two things; the raw food diet, most typically, is also a vegan diet. No animal products. That's the main place people get B-12, is animal products. But you definitely can get B-12 on the raw food diet.

The first way you can get B-12 is just by plants that are in the ground. The soil naturally has B-12 in it. So even you don't fully clean the vegetables a little bit, sometimes we don't always, you're going to get some B-12 just from that. But the best way to get B-12 is from nutritional yeast.

Nutritional yeast is not raw actually, but I don't know of a raw cook that doesn't use B-12, because it has a great cheesy flavor to it, an awesome flavor to it, and it's full of nutrients. So it's not like it's not healthy. It's got tons of B vitamins, it's very high in protein, and like I said, it's got lots of minerals and so on, and it's got a lot of B-12.

So if you just have some nutritional yeast occasionally, you're going to be fine with B-12, and it's going to add a lot of taste to your dishes too, by having nutritional yeast. You can even just sprinkle it on like a zucchini pasta with marinara, and it'll be like a Parmesan cheese. It's quite good.

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