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How to Slim Down on a Raw Food Diet

Learn how to slim down on a raw food diet from chef Ron Russell in this Howcast video.


Well, a question you hear is 'Will I lose weight on a raw food diet?'. Well, that can be taken two ways. Some people want to lose weight; others don't. Others want to build up, body builders and so on. And the quick answer is you can lose weight and you cannot lose weight just like a normal diet.

For those that want to lose weight it's quite easy on raw food. I had many people come to Sun Cafe, my restaurant, and they told me they ate decadently, they ate our desserts and our shakes and all that and still lost 15 pounds in a month just gorging themselves. That's how one woman put it. She said, "I gorge myself." So there's something about the enzymes still being present in the food helps you to digest it properly. You're getting all the natural fiber that processed foods don't have and so it just helps you digest properly, it helps your body monitor how much food it's going to intake by having all the fiber and so on. So that's one thing as far as losing weight.

You can help that along obviously by reducing the amount of nuts and seeds which are high in fat if you want to lose weight, but you don't have to necessarily. I mean you probably don't want to over-indulge, but you can still lose weight quite easily on a raw food diet.

The other side of the coin, you get a lot of bodybuilders concerned they're going to lost muscle mass. I actually have a bodybuilder friend, his main diet, 90 percent of his diet, is greens; chards, cilantro, kale, spinach. It doesn't sound like that's much of a bodybuilding diet, but he actually in college was a big bodybuilder and ate tons and tons of whey protein and he started getting growths on his liver, he ate so much. And instead of doing normal treatment, he went to a raw food diet and got rid of them, got back his health.

Now, we call him Superman. He's six-two, looks like Clark Kent, and he's got every bit as much muscle mass as you could want eating nothing but greens. And if you think about it, what does a gorilla eat most of the day? What does an elephant eat most of the day? These are huge massive muscular animals that are eating greens all day long, so it's perfectly possible to have all the muscle mass you want eating greens.

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