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How to Make Chia Porridge on a Raw Food Diet

Learn how to make chia porridge as part of a raw food diet from chef Ron Russell in this Howcast video.


Another great thing you can do for breakfast is chia porridge. I'm sure everybody remembers the chia pet, and it's the same thing. It's the seeds that are little tiny black seeds. They look a little like poppy seeds, very tiny black seeds. And they are just so full of nutrients. They turn interesting when you add water to them. That's how you're going to make the porridge. You just put the chia seed, maybe about two tablespoons of chia seed, in about a couple of cups of water. You have about eight to one water ratio to the chia seed. And the chia seed will expand quite a bit, and they get a little slimy. But they taste fine. They don't have too much flavor to them so you're going to add, like you would oatmeal porridge, you're going to add stuff to make it interesting because oatmeal by itself is kinda boring, and the same with the chia seeds. So you're going to add fresh fruit, maybe some dates to sweeten it up. That's quick, easy. You can actually make enough for two or three days and just keep it in your fridge and then just pour it out and then add in the fruit. So that's a quick easy way to make breakfast. I've seen people add super food powders like Goji berry powder to it, and it makes a really nice porridge.

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