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How to Make Buckwheat Granola for a Raw Food Diet

Learn how to make buckwheat granola as part of a raw food diet from chef Ron Russell in this Howcast video.


So another great breakfast item is granola. Traditional granola is cooked though. So, we're going to make granola out of buckwheat.

Basically you take raw buckwheat groats. This is the finished granola but this is what buckwheat groats look like. They're little tiny nutty looking texture. And, you want to soak them. You want to soak them for probably about eight hours.

And you need to release the enzyme inhibitor that's naturally in foods. And then you're going to dehydrate it. Or even if you have a really bright sunny window that seems very hot, like 100 degrees, you can just naturally dry it out.

But you're going to add in cinnamon after you soak it. And that's going to give it a really nice flavor. And then you add traditional things that you would in a granola.

In this one we've got dried apples. We've got raisins. We've got almonds. And what we would add as far as a topping instead of a milk is we can make a nut milk or a sunflower seed milk.

Nut milk's very easy. You basically just soak the nuts or the seeds, put them in a blender with some water. Maybe about two parts water to one part nuts or seeds that you add in.

And you want some kind of little sweetener. You can add a little couple of drops of vanilla and then whatever sweetener. You can add dates or raw agave or one of the other raw sweeteners out there.

Put that over and you've got a really satisfying breakfast.

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